Polarized sunglasses are the best!

At Findlay Optical, you'll find lots of choice when it comes to quality sunglasses...

  • Polarized sunglasses that cut glare and protect your eyes from harmful sunlight.
  • Coppertone polarized sun lenses that protect your eyes from both UV and Blue light.
  • Driver sun lenses that change colors depending on the light conditions.
  • Neox lenses that give you sharper vision to improve your golf game.
  • Colorful mirrored sun lenses that make you look super cool.
  • Sunglass frames that will fit every member of your family.
  • Both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.
  • Fitover polarized sunglasses that "fit over" your prescription glasses and protect you from harmful UV rays.

You'll look great in your new sunglasses from Findlay Optical!

The Mayo Clinic says that ultraviolet (UV) protection is important... UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of the eye. UV exposure also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts and possibly macular degeneration.

And new research suggests that protection from Blue light rays is just as important. Coppertone has developed new sun lenses that help shield your eyes from these light rays.

Licensed optician Karla Sasse will show you new technology lenses that meet the latest standards for prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.