Get your "SassySpecs" at Findlay Optical!

Great styles... great colors... great eyeglasses!

Today's eyeglass frames are the essence of technology and style...
With material from titanium to carbon fibers to wood grains to plastic polymers...
Glasses are the ultimate accessory!

Call Karla Sasse at 419-423-2651...
Karla will show you the latest styles in eyewear and the newest technology in lenses.
You'll love your new eyewear... from Findlay Optical!

Bring your Rx to Findlay Optical... in the little white house between Arby's and the Fire Station.

Open Monday from 8AM - 6PM
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10AM - 5PM
Closed on Wednesday for factory visits

Findlay Optical
714 South Main Street
Findlay OH 45840